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Start Where You Are

Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can. Just read these words as I pondered some of the battles we fight on a daily basis. Battles like inequality. Battles like self loathing and depression. Battles like trouble in relationships. Battles in __________. (Fill in your blank.) So let’s… Start where we … Continued

Body Shaming Is SO 2016

We’re not supposed to have rolls when we sit or turn to the side. We’re not supposed to be — too fat. We’re not supposed to be — too skinny. We’re not supposed to be — too muscular. We’re not supposed to “need” a glass of wine at the end of the day. . . … Continued

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What I learned at my baby’s freshman orientation

THINGS I LEARNED AT MY BABY’S FRESHMAN ORIENTATION: #1 Most of the kids in his school are more mature and responsible than I am. #GoThem #2 H.S. is a legit job. I must have forgotten that. #3 Exercise is the fountain of youth because I was one of the youngest looking moms on campus today. #GoMe #4 … Continued

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I almost forgot I’m a MILITARY WIFE

I almost forgot I am a military wife for a hot second. And then he says “I’m deploying.” And I remember… I am in fact… a military wife.  Who is leading an elite coaching team.  About to launch her biz in the  UK.  Has a kid starting HS & one about to start her period   Has … Continued

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Feeding America

Well this is freakin cool! I’ve been partnering with a cool company called Feeding America for a while now and they wrote an article about me and the work that I’ve done with them. I mean… This might be the coolest thing ever.  For years, the foundation of my business has been my desire to give back…massively. … Continued